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"Colored Poetry: From a Black Woman" provides a collection of poetry for this colored moment in US history. The 2020 global protests ignited passion in people across the world as they openly protested, marched, and celebrated their freedom of expression, freedom of speech, and the demand for civil liberties and rights for all. Humanity is the focus of this collection to ensure that all people of color are protected by the constitution and due process of law. According to the author, "Our civil rights are instantaneous to any emerging situation and during the violation of our civil liberties. The constitution is quickly applied for our protection." The author is not new to civil liberty issues. She reveals that her civil liberties were grossly violated for well over 20 years. She was trafficked and used as a free resource by individuals, entities, and the government. Despite these difficulties, Candace has shown that perseverance, resilience, and faith in God will win every time. Let's celebrate a dignified life with Willrich. Buy at