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2019 RELEASE 'Coefficiency with your Christianity'


Use and grow your Christianity with Willrich Coefficient Model presented in new book Candace Willrich's 'Coefficiency with your Christianity' shows the value of a relationship with Jesus.


LAS VEGAS – A blend of prose and poetry, Candace Willrich's spirituality book "Coefficiency with your Christianity: Allowing God to Be a Multiplier in Your Life" (published by Lulu) introduces the concept of the Willrich Coefficient Model, a concept that demonstrates the effectiveness of a relationship with Jesus.


The author provides readers with a methodology to use to grow their Christianity and demonstrates the usefulness of a being close with God and his son. Willrich takes the reader through her spirit-moving prayers and poems to experience fullness with the Holy Spirit. Her prayers and poems encourage readers to participate in their Christianity to grow and strengthen their spiritual and personal lives.


"This book can help someone move themselves out of inhumane situations, or domestic violence relationships, or even sex trafficking. It encourages readers to hold steadfast to God and their spirituality for support," Willrich says. "Readers can triumph over any situation through God and establishing a spirituality."


"Coefficiency with your Christianity"

By Candace Willrich

Hardcover | 6 x 9 in | 110 pages | ISBN 9781483498454

Softcover | 6 x 9 in | 110 pages | ISBN 9781483497853

E-Book | 110 pages | ISBN 9781483497846

Available at, Amazon and Barnes & Noble